Apurva Mathur

Apurva’s goal is to be a part of disruptive and transformative models that create thriving communities, economies and ecosystems. On her journey in this direction, she has interacted and worked with corporations, social entrepreneurs, development agencies, NGOs and local communities across India, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, USA, Norway and Antigua.

Apurva double majored in Zoology and Botany and has a MBA (Business Sustainability) degree. She also has a Master of Environmental Management degree from Yale University, USA.

Anuj Mathur

Anuj graduated in Information Technology Engineering and has developed both technical as well as entrepreneurial skills through his broad set of experiences.

Being a curious and analytical mind, Anuj has always been interested in connecting the dots and reasoning. He is keen to apply technologies like data analytics, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and internet of things to achieve sustainable development goals.