Hello Amji Cosmics!

Like many of you, we are drowning in the facts of climatic, ecological, mental health breakdowns on our planet. What moves us the most is the simultaneous vanishing of the species as well as languages and crafts - all across the world.

Also, there is growing homogeneity everywhere - which means -less resilience - also less fun (who wants to live in a bleached world when we have a technicolour planet?!) 

We are also increasingly expected to fit into certain moulds of the society - dampening of our self-expression -again leading to a more homogeneous world.  

So we set out to do something about it. 

We created the Terraverse - a new fictional universe inspired from the places, people and cultures here on Earth. In this universe, each one of us carries a unique cosmic signature and all of us are interconnected within the cosmic chorus.

The cosmic chorus thrives on the diversity and uniqueness of all voices. But unseen forces are destroying all the unique expressions of life in the cosmos to turn everything into a sea ofhomogeneity (sound familiar?) & destroy the cosmic chorus. 

Enter our heroes.

Our team of Amji Cosmics including Miza and Warpy are on a mission to safeguard the unique cosmic signatures and treasures that are on the verge of vanishing. These treasures include ecosystems, species, crafts, languages and more!

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TerraPort into the virtual world where you will participate in the adventure as an Amji Cosmic and become a protector of real-life treasures first - hand.

Terraport to the virtual world

This ain’t like any other story though - we just don’t sit and passively watch. What we do together - changes the reality.

In the Terraportier universe, every being and every voice has a unique cosmic signature, including you!

So we invite you to come as you are with all your quirks, strengths, scars and everything that makes you unique. Being you & expressing that - that is your superpower. 

Let’s create a new reality and standup to the rising chaos and collapse everywhere around us.

Join us if you have had enough of destruction and assimilation.

Join us to safeguard and celebrate the scintillating diversity of life on our planet.
Join us if you want to be an Amji Cosmic & change the course of history. 

Become a guardian of rare treasures that are on the verge of vanishing forever. The TerraPortier shop will feature new limited-edition treasure - every time the portal opens into a new destination!

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