Become a guardian
vanishing treasures

The mission

One language is dying every 14 days

Around 1 million animal and plant species threatened with extinction

UN has declared a "code red" for humanity

The cosmic chorus is collapsing

We are 5 mins from midnight

Would you like to step up and create a new reality?

The invitation

We are the Amji Cosmics
A team of cosmic warriors whose mission is to safeguard the cosmic chorus - the interconnection of all the unique expressions of life 

The cosmic clock is ticking & we have got to safeguard the rare treasures which are close to vanishing forever - ecosystems, languages, crafts, textiles, indigenous musical instruments & more

You are invited to:

>Open portals into new destinations 
>Challenge narratives
>Break boundaries
>Celebrate your unique cosmic signature
>Connect with and stand for all beings, places and voices! 

What you decide - changes the fate of this mission

Together we write the next chapter of this story

Join us

The box of vanishing treasures

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