In the TerraPortier universe, the comic is a companion piece to our mission of highlighting cultural and natural expressions, promoting community, and celebrating the interconnection between all the unique animate and inanimate beings in the universe.

TerraPortier comic takes you on a journey with Miza, a disaffected millennial, and Warpy, a refugee alien, as they boldly traverse the cosmos seeking out endangered treasures - each a unique expression of life.

Aided by other protectors of these treasures, the Amji Cosmics, Miza and Warpy will face a threat that seeks to destroy all that is unique in the universe, thus weakening the very fabric of life in the cosmos. Their enemy's plan is already working. Will Miza and Warpy be able to stop them and repair the bonds of existence itself?

You can be an Amji Cosmic too !

Participate in this adventure by collecting the treasures featured in the TerraPortier comic universe!

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