Miza is a young woman searching for her place in a world she knows is more wonderful than it often shows itself to be. A sometimes artist with an eclectic education, deadpan humor and an empathetic heart, Miza is trying to live up to the ideals she learned under the teaching of her eccentric grandmother: question, understand, care. With the strange alien Warpy by her side and newfound magical powers, Miza leaps into a danger that confirms what she’s feared: there is more to life. And it’s in danger of being destroyed.


Despite the rising chaos and destruction of his world, Warpy has always been able to maintain his happy-go-lucky attitude. Found in the rubble of a city as a child, Warpy followed his Teacher between the refugee communities of his people, training for the fateful day when they would finally confront the Conformers. His cheerful and often mischievous demeanor has been a source of respite and annoyance to many people.